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Transportation And Logistics

April 4th, 2021

Transportation refers to the physical distribution of finished goods, from the place of production to the place of final consumption. It also includes the transportation of raw materials to the place of production. Logistics aims at reducing the cost incurred during transportation by employing scientific methods and customized software.

Transfer of raw material and finished goods can be done through roads, railways, airways, sea routes, canals and high capacity pipelines. The selection of a particular medium depends on the nature of the product and its shelf life. Perishable goods like flowers, fruits and vegetables need a faster medium of transportation like air and road. Ships are used to transport items like metal, crude oil etc.

The reduction of transportation costs is calculated by selecting the shortest distance between two points and the time taken to travel. Goods are now tagged with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to keep track of their location. Even trucks are fitted with GPRS systems to help drivers find the destination in time.

Logistics companies use transportation software to make the most efficient use of their existing fleet of trucks, ships, and cargo planes. They also help other companies by providing them with technical expertise and customized systems that improve efficiency. Transportation is important especially for large multinational companies. Products of these companies traverse large distances over land, sea and air to reach their place of consumption.

With the growth and acceleration of the global economy, the freight transportation industry faces greater challenges and demands. Extensive research on transportation and logistics is carried out on a regular basis. A new research is studying the natural ability of ants to find the shortest route between two points. Institutions like the American Society of Transportation and Logistics help companies improve their supply chain and reduce their transportation costs.

Expert Tips for Customer Service in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

March 4th, 2021

People always ask me how we get and retain clients in the third party logistics industry (3PL). I think it’s pretty simple: Great Customer Service.

I know what you’re thinking – that’s a little too generic – right? Not really. Let me explain how I define great customer service:

1. Anticipate. Great customer service in the transportation and logistics industry is about beating your clients to their own thoughts. Whether it’s a need, want, or complaint – you have to communicate with your client before they communicate with you. If you can anticipate your clients’ thoughts and feelings and communicate their concerns before they do, they will feel respected. They will have received great customer service as a result.

2. Be grateful. Clients pay your bills. Every time they purchase a product or service they are giving you a part of their hard earned money. That money represents time and energy – the very stuff of life. They can invest their money at a lot of different companies, but they have chosen to invest it with you. Take every opportunity to let them know you appreciate them. Send a quick e-mail, leave a nice voicemail, take them out for dinner, or write a handwritten note and stick it in your company Christmas card. Do something at least once a quarter. Let your clients know how much you appreciate their business.

3. Plan your work and work your plan. Most clients’ frustrations come from unmet expectations. Do your best to plan for every contingency, communicate your plan well, and then follow through. When I first started in the logistics industry, I remember the company I was working for missing a narrow window to pick up a shipment from a Las Vegas trade show. It got pushed. The client was furious because the convention charged them four times as much to ship it back to them. Not only that, but we had lost valuable trust with client and we had to work very hard to build back that trust. You simply can’t afford to backslide with clients. Plan your work, work your plan, and watch your clients become your brand ambassadors.

4. Say “Yes” as much as you can (but know ahead of time when you have to say “no”). Clients love to hear you say “yes” as much as possible. As long as you can do it you should. Fulfilling a special request makes a client feel important, respected, and well served. Don’t think of special requests as a negative, rather think of them as a big curveball to knock out of the park. Your clients will love you when you do. On the other hand, there are instances when you must say “no.” In those instances, you should have an explanation ready for them. The solution can be a potential upsell for you or added value for your client. I never think of clients’ requests as problematic. Problems only arise when you’re not prepared. Never put yourself in a position to begrudge your clients because you said “yes” when you should have said “no”. Rather, find an equitable solution that you can both feel good about.

Although there are obviously many tenets to great customer service, these are the top 4 things that I consistently find myself talking about in the office.

We are nothing without great customers, and ensuring great customer service should be a no-brainer. We are in an industry where client relationships can be the greatest single competitive advantage we have. We can’t afford not to anticipate, be grateful, plan our work and work our plan, or go out of our way to make the client happy whenever feasible.

Juan Arango is the owner of 1 Trade Logistics in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX. 1 Trade Logistics is a premier, full-service transportation and logistics company based in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX that provides expedited freight forwarding,logistics management, supply chain solutions, and an international courier service. 1 Trade Logistics is a member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), carries a Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) and TSA Certification, and is fully licensed through the FMC, IATA, and NVOCC to name a few. They recently were named as a Top 500 US Hispanic Business with $6M in revenue for 2012. Learn more ab